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borb is a library for reading, creating and manipulating PDF files in python.

Install borb: pip install borb


from pathlib import Path

from borb.pdf.canvas.layout.page_layout.multi_column_layout import SingleColumnLayout
from borb.pdf.canvas.layout.text.paragraph import Paragraph
from borb.pdf.document import Document
from import Page
from borb.pdf.pdf import PDF

# create an empty Document
pdf = Document()

# add an empty Page
page = Page()

# use a PageLayout (SingleColumnLayout in this case)
layout = SingleColumnLayout(page)

# add a Paragraph object
layout.add(Paragraph("Hello World!"))

# store the PDF
with open(Path("output.pdf"), "wb") as pdf_file_handle:
    PDF.dumps(pdf_file_handle, pdf)