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LED Name Tag


Add udev rule allowing anybody read/write access to the badge via USB:

sudo cp 99-led-badge-44x11.rules /etc/udev/rules.d/
sudo udevadm control --reload-rules && sudo udevadm trigger

Install dependencies

sudo apt install python3-usb python3-pil
sudo pip install pyhidapi
sudo pip install pillow


usage: [-h] [-s SPEED] [-m MODE] [-b BLINK] [-a ANTS] [-p FILE] [-l] MESSAGE [MESSAGE ...]

  • MESSAGE Up to 8 message texts with embedded builtin icons or loaded images within colons(:) -- See -l for a list of builtins
  • -s SPEED Scroll speed (Range 1..8). Up to 8 comma-separated values
  • -m MODE Up to 8 mode values: Scroll-left(0) -right(1) -up(2) -down(3); still-centered(4); animation(5); dropdown(6); curtain(7); laser(8); See '--mode-help' for more details.
  • -b BLINK 1: blinking, 0: normal. Up to 8 comma-separated values
  • -a ANTS 1: animated border, 0: normal. Up to 8 comma-separated values
  • -l LIST list named icons to be embedded in messages and exit


Hello World:

sudo python3 ./ "Hello World!"

Beating Heart

sudo python3 ./ -b0,1 -s1 -m5 "  :heart2:    :HEART2:" "  :HEART2:"