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Details on the original game can be found here: "Vegas"

Making the game


For the game, you'll require a set of 40 dice, with eight dice in each of five distinct colors. Economically, it's often more sensible to buy a bulk set of 100 dice that come in 10 different colors. Opt for smaller-sized dice; not only are they more cost-effective, but they also enhance gameplay.

Cards instead of dollars

In this variation of the original game, playing cards substitute for currency. Two decks of cards are required to play. Cards numbered 2 through 10 represent increments of $2000, starting at $2000 for the 2 card and reaching $10000 for the 10 card. As there are no cards to represent $1000, and the ace is not used, the minimum stake for each casino is raised from $5000 to $6000.

This also changes the distribution of cards as follows:

  • 6x number 2
  • 8x number 3
  • 8x number 4
  • 6x number 5
  • 6x number 6
  • 5x number 7
  • 5x number 8
  • 5x number 9
  • 5x number 10


Download the files here to make your own.

First Version

This is the first version I made:

vegas version 1

Second Version

This is the second version I made:

vegas version 2

vegas version 2

vegas version 2

Additional Rules

Extra Role

Each player receives one poker chip, which can be utilized to re-roll an entire group of numbers. Prior to dealing the cards, a single chip is assigned to each casino through a random dice roll to determine its placement. Any chips that remain unused by the game's end will each contribute one point to the player's final score.

Predict Wins

Place an extra die of your color, concealed, beside each bay to secretly forecast your finishing position, ranging from first (1) to fourth (4), with a prediction of non-involvement marked as six (6). Other players will simultaneously make their hidden predictions. For every prediction you make accurately, you will be awarded three bonus points.