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Pac Man

I used these files: Source and built this:

Pac Man

Pac Man

Pac Man



  • Player 1: PacMan
  • Player 2: Ghosts

Starting the Game

  • Player 1 (PacMan) initiates the game.


  • PacMan's Goal: Collect all four red pills.
  • Ghosts' Goal: Catch and eat PacMan, preventing it from collecting the red pills.


  • Each player rolls the dice and moves their character the number of dots indicated, in any direction.


  • PacMan: Has four lives. Losing all lives results in game over.
  • Ghosts: Each has one life, but there are four ghosts in total.

Board Presence

  • Only one PacMan can be on the board at any time.
  • All ghosts can be deployed on the board, but only one ghost can move at a time.


  • If PacMan is eaten by a ghost, it respawns at the starting point.

PacMan's Superpowers

  • When PacMan collects a red pill, it gains superpowers for the current and next round, allowing it to eat a ghost.
  • If PacMan scores double dice, it gains superpowers, doubling its movement and can eat any ghost in its path. Eaten ghosts do not respawn.
  • Superpowers from a red pill continue to the next round if PacMan scores double dice while empowered.
  • Ghosts cannot eat PacMan when it has superpowers.

Dice Rolls

  • If PacMan (Player 1) rolls double dice, the effect includes superpowers and doubled movement.
  • If Ghosts (Player 2) roll double dice, the roll counts normally without any special powers.

Winning the game

  • PacMan wins by eating all four ghosts.
  • Ghosts win by eating PacMan four times.