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Number of players: 2 Age range: 10 and up

Objective: The objective of the game is to capture your opponent's king.


  • A standard chessboard and pieces
  • A deck of cards with various chess pieces and their corresponding costs
  • A set of chips or coins, representing the players' currency


  1. Set up the standard chessboard.
  2. Each player starts with a set amount of currency, for example, 100 chips.
  3. Players take turns purchasing chess pieces from the deck of cards. The cost of each piece is indicated on the card.
  4. Once a player has purchased a piece, they must place it on their side of the board and make a move with it on their next turn.
  5. If a player captures an opponent's piece, they gain the captured piece's value in currency.
  6. The game continues as standard chess, with players moving their pieces and attempting to capture their opponent's king.
  7. A player can only purchase additional pieces when they have sufficient currency to do so.
  8. The game ends when a player captures their opponent's king.

This chess variant adds an extra layer of strategy as players must balance their purchases with their gameplay. It allows players to build a custom army and opens up new tactics and strategies, making the game more dynamic and interesting.